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General Coupling Knowledge Blog Posts

Top 10 Flexible Coupling Blog Posts for 2014

Flexible Coupling Basics - A Quick Primer

Coupling Interchanges - Should You Mix And Match Different Manufacturers?

Coupling Grease - Four Things You Should Know 
Top Ten Factors for Selecting A Coupling
How to Install a Coupling
Coupling Sizing Torque - How to Quickly Calculate (inclusive of Service Factor)

Active Coupling Bore and Keyway Standards - What Are They & Where Can I Find Them?

Coupling Standards & Regulations - What All Is Out There?

Learn How to Bore and Key a Coupling Hub

ATEX Couplings - What They Are, And Why They Matter

Clearance vs Interference Fit Couplings - Which Hub Fit is Better?

Oversizing couplings? - Three Reasons You Should Resist This Urge

Coupling Guards - OSHA Requirements 

API 671 Coupling Guarding Requirements

Powdered Metal 101 for Mechanical Power Transmission Components

Can I Rebore Sintered Iron Coupling Hubs? 

Square Bores, Hollow Shafts, and a Sausage Stuffer!

Shaft Keyway Damage 

Should I rotate shaft keyways 180° apart when installing a coupling?

Sizing a Coupling – Pay Attention to the Driver!

Top Reason for a Coupling Failure 

Maintenance Procedures for Couplings 

What is Static and Dynamic Alignment? 

Shaft Inspection Prior to Coupling Installation 

Rolled Key Example in a Coupling Hub 

When Designing or Specifying a Custom Coupling – Lean on the Manufacturer!

How to Get a Replacement Coupling Fast

Can a good coupling protect against ignored maintenance? 

Low Cost Couplings 

Shaft Keys & Keyways - "Be aware of the little details”

Test Stand Couplings - Go Disc or Go Home! 

Coupling Spacers - How Long Can or Should They Get? 

Cutting Keyways - Broaching, Keyseating, Wire-Cut EDM, Shaping, & Milling

Five Keys to Coupling Packing and Shipping Success

Not All Couplings Created Equally - Buyer Beware! 

Why Lovejoy Offers Shaft Alignment Dial Indicator Kits 

Shaft Laser Alignment - 3 Benefits over Dial Indicators

Custom Engineered Flexible Couplings

Where are couplings used? Check out your backyard!

Two Specialty Couplings You Should Consider: Three Link & Triple-Wound Spring

Coupling Service Factors - Best Practices

Coupling Peak Torque Failure at Keyway

Cost of Couplings - A Few Tips and a Tool

When Breaking Up is a Good Thing

Why Power Transmission Shafts Have Both Keys & Keyways?

Coupling Balancing Options - What You Should Know

Bellows Couplings Blog Posts

Bellows Couplings – Flexibility and Accuracy for Motion Control Applications

Diaphragm Couplings Blog Posts

Diaphragm vs Disc vs Gear Couplings - Who, What, Where, When, and Why?

API 671 Coupling Types - Disc, RM Disc, & Diaphragm


Disc Couplings Blog Posts

Why to Switch from Grid to Disc Couplings (Copper Mining Example)

Scalloped Disc Pack Couplings - Ideal for Paper Mill Application

Diaphragm vs Disc vs Gear Couplings - Who, What, Where, When, and Why?

API 610 Standard - Coupling Highlights  

API 671 Coupling Standard 

API 671 Coupling Types - Disc, RM Disc, & Diaphragm
API610, API671 Marketplace – Obtaining Approved Vendor Status 

Gear Couplings Blog Posts

Gear Coupling Tutorial - Part I: Overview

Gear Coupling Tutorial - Part II: Configurations

Gear Coupling Tutorial - Part III: Mounting the Coupling

Gear Coupling Tutorial - Part IV: Selection & Availability

Gear Coupling Tutorial - Part V: Failure Analysis (with photos)  

A Herculean New Gear Coupling is Born! 

Evolution of Gear Couplings

Benefits of Nylon Sleeve Gear Couplings

Diaphragm vs Disc vs Gear Couplings - Who, What, Where, When, and Why?

Hydroelectric Dam Gear Couplings - Going the Distance!  

Coal Fired Power Plant Pulverizer Gear Coupling Failure

Overhead Crane (or Bridge Crane) Gear Couplings

Grid Couplings Blog Posts

Why a Grid Coupling - Features & Benefits, Design Basics, and Element Options

What is the difference between Horizontal and Vertical Grid Couplings?

How should you pack the grease in a Grid Coupling?

Grid Coupling Failure Analysis (includes photos)

How sensitive are Grid Couplings to misalignment? 

Why to Switch from Grid to Disc Couplings (Copper Mining Example)


Jaw Couplings Blog Posts

Jaw Coupling Overview - Features & Benefits, Design Basics, and Element Options

Coupling Failure Analysis - Jaw Couplings (includes hub & spider photos)

Jaw coupling spider materials hold the key to solving customer application challenges

Jaw Coupling Question - "How Much Life Can I Expect Out of the Spider?"

Jaw In-Shear Couplings - A Straight Forward Value Add

Popular Jaw Coupling Option - The Snap Wrap Spider Limits Downtime

The Curved Jaw Coupling – Versatility of Design

What do Lovejoy jaw coupling numerical sizes stand for?

Log Splitter Couplings (Lovejoy Jaw Couplings) 

LH Series Couplings Solves Customer Failure In Large Hydraulic System

Reducing Coupling Downtime in Brazil

How Do I Determine the Part Number for a Lovejoy SPIDEX Curved Jaw Coupling Component? (User Submitted Question)

Flexible Coupling Applications - Children's Museum 

Highest flexible coupling in the world? (Maybe not, but it's close.) 

Coupling Spider Melting - Troubleshooting Tips

Coupling Temperature or Chemical Failure (Site Visitor Question) 

Coupling Failure on Steel Mill Tables 

S-Flex (Sleeve) Couplings Blog Posts

S-Flex (Sleeve) Couplings: Product Overview

S-Flex (Sleeve) Couplings: Flange Types

S-Flex (Sleeve) Couplings: Elastomer (Sleeve) Types

S-Flex (Sleeve) Couplings: How To Select a Coupling

S-Flex (Sleeve) Couplings: Failure Analysis


Universal Joints Blog Posts

Universal Joints - Unique Solutions for Applications with Greater Misalignment

Hydraulic Components Blog Posts

Selecting a Pump Housing and Coupling

How to Get a Pump Housing Fast!

Increase Heat Dissipation in Hydraulic Reservoirs - Go Aluminum! 

Rubber Suspension (RunRight®) Blog Posts

Cost Saving Solutions for the Conveyor Marketplace - Aggregate

Miscellaneous Blog Posts

Coupler or coupling? Which one is correct?

Is "coupling" a noun or verb? 

Five Tips to Getting 3D Coupling CAD Models (When They Aren't Available Online)

Top 10 Social Media & Web Takeaways from the PTDA Industry Summit

Need Coupling Help? - We've Got 50 Answers & Counting

Power Transmission Opportunities in Canada Pipeline Projects

3 Sales Tips from a "Next Gen" Power Transmission Sales Representative

Next Generation Power Transmission: Transitioning to a PT Career

If Ryan Seacrest Were A Flexible Coupling, What Type Would He Be?

Coupling (mechanical) vs Coupling (the TV Show) - A New Year's Eve Match-up

Happy New Year & Happy 100th Anniversary W.C. DuComb! 

"New Guy" to Solutions Provider

Where the World Turns for Couplings (& Reliability Support)

Supplier Relationships - The Power of a Compliment

Top 5 Ways to Trash Your Pump

Best Way to Install Your Coupling

Reduce Operator and Machine Fatigue on Farm Equipment

PTDA Manufacturer Website Support Levels - By The Numbers 

The Many Benefits of Power Transmission Distributors  

Coupling Solutions Learning Lab - Hannover Messe 2015 

Do Not Turn Your Nose Up to the Importance of Wastewater Pump Impeller Clearances

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