Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cost of Couplings - A Few Tips and a Tool

The cost of flexible couplings varies widely, as it is highly dependent on a number of variable including size, materials required, complexity, and availability. A standard of the shelf Lovejoy L-line or S-Flex industrial coupling is going to cost orders of magnitude less than a highly engineered custom disc coupling for the petrochemical industry.

An excellent resource for determining the price of a coupling is through a local power transmission distributor. These distributors have many years of experience buying and selling couplings, and have price lists readily available to them. They also can generally provide a wealth of experience and knowledge to you, and possible prevent you from buying the wrong coupling or wrong coupling size.

Please note, coupling manufacturers recognize the value their local distribution partners provide in servicing customers and provide these distributors discounted rates on their couplings. This allows these distributors to sell the product to you generally well below the price you could get by going direct to the manufacturer (assuming you could get the manufacturer to sell direct, which many will not). 

Find a Power Transmission Distributor
Find a Coupling Distributor Tool - by Lovejoy, Inc.

Hot Tip: If speed of delivery is important to you (and it often is), please be sure to ask your distributor to inquire about Lovejoy's Quick Ship program if necessary. While Lovejoy carries a tremendous amount of finished coupling stock (and is a full line coupling manufacturer), Lovejoy also has several work cells set aside for true rush/emergency orders that are otherwise unscheduled. Your authorized Lovejoy distributor has access to this program.

For a list of highly qualified Lovejoy coupling distributors in your area (searchable by zip code), please see Lovejoy's Find a Distributor tool.

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