Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What is the difference between Horizontal and Vertical Grid Couplings?

Grid Coupling - Horizontal Split Cover Design
Horizontal Split Cover Grid Coupling
The difference between "horizontal" and "vertical" grid couplings lies simply in two types of split cover designs (and their corresponding cover kits). The grid spring elements and coupling hub technology are the same. 

Horizontal covers are designed for ease of assembly and removal, particularly in tight spaces, as they can be put on after the hubs and grid spring element have been already assembled.

Vertical split cover designs, require putting the split covers on the shaft prior to putting on the shaft hubs and grid spring element. Once the hubs and grid spring element have been attached, the vertical split covers can then slid over the hubs and grid spring element and fastened together. (This also means that to completely remove a vertical split cover off a shaft, the grid spring element and coupling hubs would have to first be removed.)

Grid Coupling - Vertical Split Cover Design
Vertical Split Cover Grid Coupling
The benefit of the vertical split cover design is that it can operate at a higher maximum speed (RPMs). The Grid Coupling Performance Data chart below (which was extracted from page GD-10 of Lovejoy's Grid Coupling Catalog) has the difference in maximum speed ranges between the horizontal and vertical split covers circled in red. Based on your application, it may be required to go to a vertical split cover design if the horizontal cover design maximum speed is too low. 

Installation videos of Horizontal Split Cover Grid Couplings, Vertical Split Cover Grid Couplings, Full Spacer Grid Couplings, and Half Spacer Grid Couplings are all readily available on Lovejoy's YouTube channel, and formal installation instructions can be downloaded on Lovejoy's Installation Instructions resources webpage.

Grid Coupling Performance Chart

For additional information on grid couplings, to include grid coupling interchanges, please see the grid coupling product page on Lovejoy's website.

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