Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How to Install a Coupling

So you've got your flexible coupling in hand (be it a jaw, gear, grid, disc... whatever) and are ready to install it.... but are looking for some additional pointers. Perfect.

The first place you should go and reference/use is your manufacturer's installation instructions. Your manufacturer should be able to provide you a detailed step-by-step installation guideline (generally in PDF or print form), and you are best served to follow up with the manufacturer regarding any questions you have with their guidelines.

As a knowledge supplement to your specific manufacturer's installation instructions, you may also consider watching Lovejoy's installation videos either on YouTube or While these 20+ videos are specific to Lovejoy products (jaw, curved jaw, grid, disc, etc), many of the concepts and principles pictured are broadly applicable to coupling installations in general, and could prove as a worthwhile reference relative to the coupling you are looking to install. (We, of course, certainly don't warranty or formally endorse using Lovejoy installation videos for non-Lovejoy couplings as the basis of your installation... use the manufacturer's provided guidelines... but if you want to use our videos as a reference only/educational tool... please, be our guest.)

And for those of you who hate clicking on links, we've embedded a playlist of over 20 installation videos above. We defaulted to a pretty interesting one (a full spacer grid coupling video), but you can quickly change to another coupling type by clicking the "PLAYLIST" button on the top left hand corner of the screen.

Recommended Follow On Reading
For an excellent overview of the key considerations in selecting the right coupling for your application, please check out the following blog article: Top Ten Factors for Selecting A Coupling

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