Friday, January 16, 2015

Where the World Turns for Couplings (& Reliability Support)

Yes, "Where the World Turns for Couplings" is Lovejoy's long standing tagline... and an appropriate one for a company that has millions of installed couplings around the world. While hopefully none of its 1927 jaw couplings (with 87 year old leather elastomeric inserts), Lovejoy has built its reputation on the quality of its coupling products for nearly nine decades.  

More important than time is the passion behind the products and behind the brand. As a 4th generation US family held company, Lovejoy enjoys tremendous employee engagement and focus. Generations of aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and sons work inside Lovejoy's facilities, all of whom have committed to providing the worlds mechanical power transmission users the best possible user experience and product quality. 

Employees are jazzed to be keeping just about every industry conceivable driving forward and improving the lives of millions around the world daily... from wind energy to steel production to mineral mining to log splitting in your backyard... Lovejoy gets to play an active and trusted role. What a tremendous honor and responsibility! 

Lovejoy - Reliability Partners. Uptime Champions.

It is out of this sense of responsibility that Lovejoy decided to recently change the tagline on our main homepage to "Reliability Partners. Uptime Champions." It isn't that we have abandoned our calling to be "Where the World Turns for Couplings" (and you will indeed continue to see this slogan used in many marketing materials...including in the header of this blog), but rather we wanted to reiterate to our customers that we understand what you value most from us. 

Couplings are important, yes... but, more than anything, what a Lovejoy customer wants is they want their equipment/operation running and running reliably.

The Lovejoy organization has and will continue to work with customers to put their reliability concerns to rest, and, ultimately allow them to sleep better at night. Solutions include a tremendous amount of stock (both finished and rough stock bore that can be quickly finished through a Quick Ship request), dedicated cross-functional engineering work cells committed to speed (using Quick Response Manufacturing Principles), and a multi-generation family ownership structure focused on lasting customer partnerships.

This blog is also a part of our on-going commitment to provide immediate answers and solutions our wide-base of users. It is an honor to you, and we take our commitment to that user base very seriously. If there is something you would like to see Lovejoy doing better, or a question you would like to see answered... please share that with us using the "Have a Coupling Question? Fire Away!" tab at the top of this blog.

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