Thursday, February 12, 2015

Learn How to Bore and Key a Coupling Hub

While Lovejoy generally ships coupling hubs to customers with finished bores and keyways (with a tremendous amount of finished inventory as well as a Quick Ship program to quickly supply unique requirements), many coupling customers or distributors like to have rough stock (small bore) hubs on their shelves so that they too can quickly size a coupling hub in an emergency. Another reason why someone may want to re-bore and/or re-key a coupling hub is if they have old or obsolete inventory and they would like to re-used their existing inventory by increasing the bore and keyway to something that they need or will use.

Under either scenario, the re-bore and re-key will almost certainly be performed at a local machine shop. To best help Lovejoy customers and end users who do not have access to precision high volume CNC equipment at Lovejoy's Downers Grove, Illinois & South Haven, Michigan facilities... we turned to Keith Fenner, a well-known and well-respected master skilled machinist who enjoys sharing his knowledge through his free YouTube tutorials (which have over a mind boggling 13 million views).

When we approached Keith about producing a video on his channel showing how a coupling hub could be bored and keyed using the equipment in his machine shop, he was immediately receptive as he already had a long history and thought very positively about the Lovejoy brand. We sent Keith a few L line jaw coupling hubs, a few shirts (as you will see in the video), our catalog, and a company history book... and left the rest up to him.

A few months later, he sent Lovejoy an email notifying us that he had shot and released a comprehensive 79 minute video, that not only covers the technical fundamentals of coupling bore & keyway cutting, but also dives quite deep into Lovejoy's rich history (which was something we didn't expect or ask for... but certainly didn't mind him sharing). 

The views and perspectives shared in this video are Keith's own (Lovejoy did not provide a script and/or even have access to the video prior to Keith releasing it publicly). If you are a machinist and enjoyed watching the video (shown below), we certainly encourage you to subscribe to Keith's YouTube channel and get to know him just a bit better. 

Enjoy the show!

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