Friday, November 21, 2014

Test Stand Couplings - Go Disc or Go Home!

Guest Post: Bob Johnson, Lovejoy Field Sales Representative

Lovejoy is well known for its test stand disc couplings across a number of customers and sales territories. Specific to me, the attached photo shows a Lovejoy disc coupling being used in a gearbox test stand application that is capable of full load testing up to 2.5 KW.

This test stand is used to ensure that rebuilt gearboxes are properly assembled, bearings and gearing are working properly, and that the unit is operating oil tight.

The shown disc coupling comes complete with shrink disk hubs for fast disassembling and reassembling.

About the Author: Bob Johnson has many decades experience in the mechanical power transmission industry and has been a longtime supporter and champion of Lovejoy coupling solutions. To find a Lovejoy representative in your area, please visit Lovejoy's Sales Representative Search Tool.

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