Friday, January 9, 2015

Cost Saving Solutions for the Conveyor Marketplace – Aggregate

Guest Post: Jim Jones, Lovejoy Canada

The Aggregate society utilizes the AGMA coupling specifications to assist in providing consistent quality products for operational performance.

North American NEMA frame motors are popular choice, allowing ease of access to local or regional supply. Premium efficient or high torque motors meet the variety of demands at the mining or aggregate pit. Motors operate within standard 1200 or 1800 rpm, to the higher torque versions in the range from 900 to 1200 rpm.

RunRight Motor Base
RunRight pre-tensioning motor bases enable the operator to concentrate on system output, dramatically reducing labour for re-tensioning or replacing V belts on system drives. RunRight motor bases minimize vibration during operation, saving valuable $$ on bearing, sleeve or shaft repairs or component replacement. (Equipment savings = labour savings = profitable output.)

RunRight Tensioner ArmRunRight pre-tensioning arms can be installed on the belt conveyor head pulley or on the conveyor belt return side with locally supplied cleaning blades to ensure minimal carryover. Less carryover, less cleanup, more reliable equipment. (Result = more output, more profit. Less inventory)

RunRight Oscillating MountRunRight Oscillating parts can be installed on shaker screens for increased performance, reduced settle time, reduced system vibration, lower operating equipment noise levels.

Conveyor markets have several coupling or pre-tensioning assembly installations. For more information on specifying coupling or pre-tensioning anti vibration products, contact  Lovejoy ( at 1-630-852-0500 in the United States, or 1-905-670-9421 in Canada.

About the Author: Jim Jones has several decade power transmission technical sales expertise. To tap into Jim's rich industry knowledge and experience, you can get to him through the Lovejoy webpage and/or LinkedIn. To find a highly qualified Lovejoy representative or distributor in your area please see Lovejoy's Find a Sales Representative or Find a Distributor tool. 

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