Tuesday, January 6, 2015

“New Guy” to Solutions Provider

Guest Post: Mike Moschella, Lovejoy Canada

There are a number of benefits to being the “New Guy” in the Power Transmission (PT) Industry.  From a service standpoint, having a new representative allows for fresh dialogue on how the manufacturer can better support the customer.  It also grants the opportunity to build special relationships from the very beginning, as we are seeing the “Next Gen” quickly entering the industry and starting their careers.

On a recent introductory call at one of our OEM accounts, I was given a tour of their complete operation by their Purchaser.  This walk-through of their warehouse and discussion of their stock of Lovejoy Hydraulic Products allowed us to identify some areas in which service could be improved.  Rather than plan around a special made-to-order LH hub, the hubs could be stocked at Lovejoy Canada’s Mississauga warehouse to shorten their lead-times and bolster their inventory.  There were no conference calls, meetings, or ROI-reviews.  This was a simple need which required addressing and we did so on the spot.

This type of factory-backed support and confidence allows Lovejoy to step above the competition exactly where it counts to the customer.

Discussion of their manufacturing process and finished Hydraulic Power Units offered a possibility of future supply of pre-assembled kits - made to their specifications or with collaboration from Lovejoy.  (We are proud to offer Engineering assistance for all Lovejoy product lines to all Lovejoy customers.)

As we were concluding the meeting in the front office of their building, another small issue was brought up regarding order communications (shipping notices).   This is the type of inquiry that had been raised in the past, but at the time we were not able to facilitate their request.  Now with a “New Guy” standing in front of them, they took the opportunity to revisit this request.  Due to recent updates to our computer systems, we are now able to offer the order visibility they were looking for.

These three solutions described above highlight the current direction of Lovejoy as an organization.  With the addition of new employees, manufacturing processes, inventory programs and computer systems, Lovejoy is preparing every facet of the organization for future success with our customers – until the next wave of “New Guys” arrive.

About the Author: Mike Moschella has served Lovejoy in Canada both as an IT professional, and more recently as a technical field sales representative. To tap into Mike's rich industry knowledge and experience, please contact him through Lovejoy Canada or reach out to him directly on LinkedIn.   

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