Monday, December 29, 2014

Where are couplings used? Check out your backyard!

Hydraulic Log Splitter
Uncle's Log Splitter - outside Pittsburgh, PA
To follow on the heels of Bob Buesing's wonderful article and tutorial on log splitter couplings, several weeks ago I was at my uncle's house near Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving. He knew I worked for Lovejoy, and knew that Lovejoy was a leader in industrial flexible couplings of all types and sizes, but he really didn't fully understand what a coupling was or where it was used. 

As luck would happen, my uncle lives on a farm. Given winter is approaching, he had a well-used hydraulic log splitter sitting in his backyard and he had been using it all morning. Well aware that hydraulic log splitters commonly use Lovejoy jaw couplings, I walked out to his log splitter to find a Lovejoy L075 jaw coupling that had been manufactured in Lovejoy's Downers Grove, Illinois facility (where I work!).

Lovejoy Jaw Coupling in Hydraulic Log Splitter
The Unsung Hero - Lovejoy's L075 Jaw Coupling
With a Lovejoy flexible coupling application standing in front of us, it was very easy for me to visually demonstrate the need and many benefits that high quality (Lovejoy brand) couplings provide (inclusive of basic concepts to include misalignment handling, vibration dampening, and torque transmission). Should you be looking for a similar primer on couplings, please read Flexible Coupling Basics - A Quick Primer. Should you be looking for a deeper dive into Lovejoy jaw couplings, please read Jaw Coupling Overview - Features & Benefits, Design Basics, and Element Options

Now knowing that a coupling from Lovejoy had been working hard for years to keep his family warm for the winter, my uncle left our conversation with a great and deep appreciation for the value high quality (and, in his case "maintenance-free") couplings provide in ensuring reliable and long lasting mechanical power transmission.

While I'm confident that my uncle's Lovejoy jaw coupling will continue to serve him well for years to come, when I left Thanksgiving at his house, I assured him that Lovejoy has hundreds of the coupling he is using in stock... and that it would be my honor to Quick Ship him a replacement should it ever be required! Should you need a coupling fast, please consider using Lovejoy's Quick Ship program through an authorized Lovejoy distributor.

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