Monday, March 16, 2015

Best Way to Install Your Coupling

In this particular case, the picture really is worth a thousand words. Obviously what is depicted in the picture on the left would be something extreme that most reputable business will not do -  at least we hope is not the case in your own situation.

For proper coupling installation procedures that will look more like the picture on the right, Lovejoy recommends you follow your manufacturer's installation instructions. The installation procedure usually comes in a detailed step-by-step guideline (generally in PDF or print form). For warranty related aspects and to avoid any major problems related to improper coupling installation, you must follow your manufacturer's guidelines.

However, if you need some further knowledge or additional tips on coupling installation, you may consider watching Lovejoy's installation videos on Lovejoy has an excellent library of over 20 installation videos, where you can see the step-by-step details of proper ways to install your coupling. Our coupling videos will visually show you all the needed parts and tools for a successful installation. Additionally, all the coupling installation steps are clearly explained, in an easy to follow format, with visual aids and voice narration.

While these videos are specific to Lovejoy products (jaw, curved jaw, grid, disc, etc.), many of the concepts and principles pictured are broadly applicable to coupling installations in general, and could prove as a worthwhile reference relative to the coupling you are looking to install.

Again, our videos are a great aid to help you get some additional pointers on installing your flexible coupling (be it a jaw, gear, grid, disc... whatever). But Lovejoy certainly does not warranty or formally endorse using Lovejoy installation videos for non-Lovejoy couplings as the basis of your installation... use the manufacturer's provided guidelines.

Our videos are widely watched by people in different job functions such as engineering, maintenance, etc., servicing a variety of equipment like steam turbines, gensets, pumps, crushers, fans, blowers, exhausters, conveyors, injection molding, shredder, bailers, etc. Also, our users come from a variety of industries including power generation, fluid power, food and beverage, aggregates, pulp and paper, steel, mining, etc.

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