Wednesday, November 19, 2014

LH Series Couplings Solves Customer Failure In Large Hydraulic System

Guest Post: Randy Greenwood, Lovejoy, OEM & Hydraulic Sales Director

A customer in southern California was experiencing frequent coupling failures using a competitor’s straight jaw coupling. The application was on a large industrial hydraulic power unit, with the couplings installed between the electric motors and the hydraulic pumps.

The jaws were cracking at the base of the teeth. I got a call from our distributor asking me if we had an interchange for a competitor's product. Their customer was failing couplings in 3-6 months on a repeating basis. customer stressed that the replacement coupling had to be retrofittable in the existing installation, and must be easily serviced. The solution we quoted was a LH700 series which was a dimensional interchange with respect to OAL (overall length).  

We quoted and sold the LH700’s to the customer, with the end result being that the LH700 couplings have been in service for 3-1/2 years without a single failure. (The LH700s were installed in early 2011.)

The secret for the LH700’s success is the design of the coupling, which allow for significantly higher torque loads to be transmitted relative to the installed competitor's design. In some competitor cases the LH capacity is 2-3 times that of competitor designs.

In addition, the spider in the LH700 is an open center design, and the outside design is “open” which promotes heat dissipation and makes monitoring the condition of the spider easier.

About the Author: Randy Greenwood has over 30 years of hydraulic sales expertise and has been service customers and end users on behalf of Lovejoy since 2009 . To tap into Randy's rich industry knowledge and experience, please contact him through the Lovejoy webpage or reach out to him directly on LinkedIn

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