Thursday, December 11, 2014

Next Generation Power Transmission: Transitioning to a PT Career

Guest Post: Mike Moschella, Lovejoy Canada

Transitioning from a career in IT (Information Technology) to a career in PT (Power Transmission) may sound like a stretch, but in my experience the gap was much closer than you may expect.

Spending 11 years working for Lovejoy’s Information Systems Department allowed for detailed insight into the inner-workings of the company through the planning, implementation and troubleshooting of all technologies used within the organization.

Spending the same amount of time racing and wrenching on cars in a constant pursuit of the perfect lap allowed for detailed insight into mechanics through the inner-workings of engines, transmissions, suspensions, and chassis prep.

Being a mechanically-minded person driven by the same genuine interest to succeed in the PT Industry as on the track, I haven’t had a hard time at all.  Power Transmission products touch so many industries that I find fascinating (though, I’m still searching for a suitable racecar application).  As an Outside Sales Representative, this broad scope of applications keep it interesting, to say the least.

Aside from Corporate Mentoring and Training, getting up to speed has been a result of a combination of these Published Resources which are available in print form as well as electronically:

The Coupling Handbook - This handbook is a down-to-earth guide to assist you with the process of sorting out the myriad of coupling styles that exist to select the one best suited to your application.

The Lovejoy Full Product Line Catalog - This is a collection of all product lines: each consisting of Selection Process, Performance/Dimensional Data and other pertinent information.

Engineering Data (subsection of Lovejoy Full Product Line Catalog) - This is an invaluable listing of Coupling-related Formulas/Equations, Bore & Keyway Standards and Motor Frame Data.

Lovejoy Coupling Installation Video Series - An online video series to installing a broad range of Lovejoy Couplings.

Power Transmissions Distributors Association - A member association offering a variety of resources and training for distributors and manufacturers of Power Transmission/Motion Control products. (They are also an alliance partner of Industrial Careers Pathway, which also offers tremendous resources for those interested in learning more about jobs in the industry.)

Additional questions?  Just ask!  At Lovejoy, we have an exceptional team – we pride ourselves on having the experience and speed to service your PT needs.

About the Author: Mike Moschella has served Lovejoy in Canada both as an IT professional, and now as a technical field sales representative. To tap into Mike's rich industry knowledge and experience, please contact him through Lovejoy Canada or reach out to him directly on LinkedIn.   

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