Friday, December 5, 2014

Why Lovejoy Offers Shaft Alignment Dial Indicator Kits

As a fourth generation family owned coupling manufacturer with literally millions of couplings installed around the world, we know how important it is that a coupling be made with exceptional quality & design (materials used, product features, bore concentricity, etc.).

What we also know is how important shaft alignment is in the longevity of a power transmission system (see Top Reason for a Coupling Failure).

Shaft Alignment Dial Indicator AppWhile we were manufacturing and providing best in class coupling solutions for decades, other than education, installation instructions, and installation videos... we felt that we were not doing enough to directly help our end users and partners properly align the shafts our couplings were going on.

The new & free Lovejoy Dials smart phone app (just search "Lovejoy Dials" in your Apple or Android app store) now empowers users who have dial indicators to quickly and easily align their coupling shafts. No spreadsheets or calculators needed, and the app even calculates for bar sag! 

Shaft Alignment Dial Indicator Kit
While this kit should work for most preexisting shaft alignment dial indicators, we furthermore took our commitment to shaft alignment one step further by now offering our very own Lovejoy Dials shaft alignment kit

At the end of the day, whether you have and continue to use a pre-existing dial indicator kit, purchase and use ours, or go all in for a high end laser alignment system... what we care most about is that your shafts are well aligned and serve you/your power transmission system as well as your long trusted Lovejoy couplings.

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