Friday, February 6, 2015

Hydroelectric Dam Gear Couplings - Going the Distance!

Guest Post: Mike Moschella, Lovejoy Canada

On a recent coupling installation at a hydroelectric station in a remote part of Canada, Lovejoy was requested to be onsite. 

Hydroelectric Power Station

I was present to verify that Lovejoy installation procedures were adhered to, as well as to observe an operation sequence of the gates.  The installation was reviewed and operation went as planned, serving as testament to the skill of the crew onsite as well as the detailed installation instructions provided with the FHD 11E Gear Coupling from Lovejoy.

Hydroelectric Dam Gear Coupling - Lovejoy FHD 11E

While reviewing the gate hoists, I observed a second Lovejoy coupling – an L050 Jaw Coupling – on the other end of the drum hoist driving a limit switch.  An excellent showcase of the size range of couplings offered by Lovejoy today.

Hydroelectric Dam Lovejoy Jaw Coupling

No matter what the industry, remote applications require the same level of service and support from manufacturers.  Despite the remote application being hundreds of kilometers (or hundreds of miles for those of you south of the border) from the Lovejoy Canada office, we recognize the importance of field support during all phases of a project.

About the Author: Mike Moschella has served Lovejoy in Canada both as an IT professional, and more recently as a technical field sales representative. To tap into Mike's rich industry knowledge and experience, please contact him through Lovejoy Canada or reach out to him directly on LinkedIn.   

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