Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Need Coupling Help? - We've Got 50 Answers & Counting

50 Coupling Answer Blog Posts

Just a few days shy of Thanksgiving in the United States, and those of us blessed enough to serve the power transmission industry on behalf of Lovejoy give thanks to our countless partners, end users, and supporters who allow us to help them turn the world forward through the use of our flexible couplings.

This blog was created with the vision of being a quick go-to resource for those seeking answers to specific power transmission coupling questions. If you have a question that this blog has not directly or fully answered, or perhaps you're just not sure... please do not be shy about raising the question to us.

As unique as you may feel your question may be, the reality is likely that, if you are looking for it, there are almost certainly hundreds of others also seeking an answer to the very same question. 

Whether you question pertains to elastomeric coupling types (couplings with rubber, urethane, or other non-metallic flexing element), or metallic types (gear, grid, disc, etc.) the Lovejoy team is well equipped to field it. 

Unless you are in your late eighties (or older), Lovejoy has been making flexible couplings since before you were born. Couplings are in our blood, and it's an honor to be entrusted with your business, questions, and concerns. We are excited to have reached the 50 blog post milestone, and look forward to serving you well and answering your questions for many posts to come. Best wishes to all!

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