Monday, November 10, 2014

Coupling Standards & Regulations - What All Is Out There?

Just over a month ago, we posted a well-received article titled "Active Coupling Bore and Keyway Standards - What Are They & Where Can I Find Them?" While this well researched article covered and provided direct links to over a dozen standards pertaining to bores and keyways, the article begged the question "What other coupling standards are out there?"

While the question does seem daunting, fortunately, much of the work has already been completed by a fantastic team (which we may or may not have been a part of) working on behalf of the Mechanical Power Transmission Association. (Quick shout out to Dan F., Lovejoy VP of Operations, who is currently sitting as President of this organization!) 

The MPTA document lists no less than twenty one distinct standards organizations that have a role in coupling regulations, and in most cases has an active link to each organization's website. From the American Bureau of Shipping to the American Petroleum Institute to the Mine Safety and Health Administration, a wide range of industries and interests are included in this list.

Where the MPTA document does fall a bit short on this herculean task is that they do not link to specific regulations themselves. (This is unfortunately left up to you and me to explore and discover.)

Without further delay, the following is the so described MPTA document: Standards and Regulations Affecting Couplings (MPTA C9-2014).

Bonus Offer: If you are the overly ambitious type, and would like to meticulously research these 21 organizations (plus possibly more) and provide direct links and a summary to all of their relevant standards (similar to our prior article narrowly focused on coupling bore & keyway standards)... we will be more than happy to post your research, give you a shout out, and send you some corporate swag from our highly guarded "prize closet". Ready, set, go!

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