Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Proud to be "Mobile Friendly"!

Lovejoy Website - Mobile Friendly
It may have taken us a bit longer that we had hoped, but we are still very excited to share that our Lovejoy website (www.lovejoy-inc.com) is now "mobile friendly" for all our smart phone users out there!

Unlike this blog, which was started long after "mobile friendly" became a hot topic... and was "mobile friendly" since inception, the Lovejoy website was built on a platform long before mobile friendly was of primary concern).

As such, recoding the site to be "mobile friendly" was both labor and cost intensive... but we recognized the value being mobile friendly was for our dedicated users base (especially those out in the field looking to access a key dimension or installation guideline) and committed the necessary resources.

If you happen to be viewing this blog on a mobile device, we certainly invite you to head over to our main website to have a look around. If and when you do, please leave us a note about what you liked and/or what you would like still improved. (Your satisfaction is our #1 goal!)

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