Monday, September 21, 2015

Frankenstein Couplings - Unique Configurations, Materials, and other Oddities

With Halloween just over the horizon, we thought it would be worthwhile do write a blog post on something Lovejoy is particularly well renowned for: Frankenstein couplings!

What exactly is a Frankenstein coupling? It's a one-off, highly customized or unique coupling that most coupling manufacturers run away from.

Fortunately, given Lovejoy's tremendous depth of product knowledge, experience, and local manufacturing capabilities... such couplings are standard practice for us, and these are opportunities that we readily welcome.

In fact, our reputation is such that, while they might not like to openly admit it... other well-respected marketplace players have been known to send such business our way.

So... to borrow the lyrics of Ghostbusters:

Ghostbuster Halloween Cut imageIf there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? (Lovejoy Application Engineers!)

If it's somethin' weird and it won't look good, who ya gonna call? (Lovejoy Application Engineers!)

From the most exotic materials (Inconel, Specialty Stainless Steels, Composites, etc.) & head-scratching unique our tremendously deep lineup of "standard" off-the-shelf solutions, Lovejoy's team of Application Engineers and Specialist are on standby to help you and your organization succeed.

We look forward to being a growing resource for you, and wish you nothing short of the happiest Halloween ever!

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