Friday, June 26, 2015

When Top R&D Engineers Need a Coupling

When looking to design a jet hybrid land based vehicle that could top 1,000 mph and crush record books, BLOODHOUND SSC reached out to Lovejoy distributor jbj Techniques in the United Kingdom for coupling assistance.

The scope of the request was to supply a coupling with a maximum diameter of 160mm capable of transmitting 550Nm @ 10,000 rpm with as short an assembly as possible that would still be able to handle a certain amount of misalignment.

jbj Techniques proposed a Lovejoy Sier-Bath gear coupling, which offered a high torque capacity and fit perfectly within the existing adaptor arrangement. The crown tooth gear form on the coupling allows for relatively high misalignment without transferring loads between the shafts, and jbj Techniques already had the necessary blank parts in stock.

As demonstrated by the close cooperation between jbj Techniques and its end user (which included further modifications including dynamic balancing),  Lovejoy is blessed with a number strong distributors worldwide who are well equipped to provide invaluable product solutions support (as well as modify products in coordination and as requested by customers). 

To learn more about jbj Techniques, please visit their website. To learn more about The Bloodhound Project, please check out their own separate website.

(Note: Photos and source material for this post were taken with permission from an earlier press release by jbj Techniques.)

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