Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Replacement Universal Joint Components (User Submitted Question)

Universal Joint Components - by Lovejoy, Inc.
Question: I have several universal joints in equipment I am repairing. Do you sell just the pins? The universals are fine and are welded in place.

Answers: Yes, Lovejoy does sell replacement components for our Universal Joints!

Replacement pins are available in bulk packs, and replacement repair kits (which consist of block, half pins, and main pin) are available in single unit quantities. (If when replacing the pins and blocks of a DD type double universal joint, you would need two repair kits to change out both blocks & pins for a single universal joint.) 

The UPC numbers for replacement pins and replacement repair kits can be found on the Universal Joints Assembly Instructions sheet.

To locate a local power transmission distributor that is well equipped to provide you these replacement parts, please visit Lovejoy's Find a Distributor tool (which includes a zip code search tool). 

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