Monday, June 1, 2015

High Misalignment Gear Couplings - Why It May Not Be What You Need

Lovejoy Gear Coupling - F TypeWhile misalignment handling is a primary reason to use flexible couplings, and a specific coupling design's ability to handle misalignment is often a selling point... it is still a mistake not to try to minimize misalignment within a given power transmission system. 

The more aligned a system is, not only will the coupling generally last much longer, but, often, other components (i.e. - bearings) in the system will also see less stress and last longer as well.

So while leading coupling manufacturers, such as Lovejoy will be happy to design and supply specialty high angular misalignment gear couplings for applications that absolutely require them... we will generally ask the question: "Can the system be aligned to remain within Lovejoy's catalog rated misalignment limits?"

It's not that Lovejoy doesn't want to sell you a high-priced high-misalignment custom solution (which inevitably will cost more), but rather we want to ensure you have the right solution for your given application (even if it may mean a lower cost sale for us).

To review the standard Lovejoy Sier-Bath catalog, please click here. Alternatively, you can learn about the new Lovejoy HercuFlex line (which is still not "high misalignment" but does offer improvements in its continuous sleeve design) here... or reach out to a Lovejoy application specialist here.

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