Friday, July 24, 2015

Chain and belt tensioning

RunRight Belt Tensioner - by Lovejoy, Inc.
Belt tensioning with RunRight tensioner
Chains and belts are both naturally prone to stretching, and… if proper tensioning is not maintained in a system… a number of issue may present themselves, inclusive of suboptimal operation, premature system wear, and, ultimately, system failure. 

RunRight belt tensioner - by Lovejoy, Inc.
Belt cleaning with RunRight tensioner
Designed specifically to provide economical, maintenance-free, continuous tensioning for belt and chain drive systems... for almost any application... Lovejoy’s full line of RunRight® tensioners are up to the challenge. 

Tensioners are available from stock in seven sizes (SE11, SE15, SE18, SE27, SE38, SE45, & SE50) and a number of mounting configurations (standard, front mount, double arm, dual arm, stainless steel, plastic...) to handle a wide range of load demands and environmental conditions. 

System Tensioner - by Lovejoy, Inc.
Providing tension on production products
Most tensioners are also equipped with a two mounting holes: a "normal" and "hard" position to offer further system optimization. 

In depth product catalogs are available on Lovejoy's website. Should you have any further questions or concerns regarding this product line, please do not hesitate to contact a Lovejoy application specialist.

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