The Coupling Handbook: Part IX

Coupling Standards & Handbook References

Coupling Standards (often used for reference in this handbook)

American Gear Manufacturers Association
AGMA 9002-A86 (1986) - Bore and keyways for flexible couplings (inch series)
AGMA 9004-A99 (1991) - Flexible couplings - Mass Elastic Properties and Other Characterisitics
AGMA 9003-A91 (1991) - Flexible couplings - Keyless Fits
AGMA 9001-B97 (1997) - Flexible couplings - Lubrication
AGMA 9000-C90 (1990) - Flexible couplings - Potential Unbalance Classification
AGMA 922-A96 (1996) - Load classification and service factors for flexible couplings
AGMA 510 - Nomenclature for flexible couplings

American Petroleum Institute
Pumps for refinery service API 610 Edition 1990 & 1998
Special-purpose couplings for refinery service API 671 2nd & 3rd Edition 1990 & 1998

Standards for Couplings ANSI
ANSI B4.2 (1984) - Preferred Metric Limits and Fits
ANSI S2 19 (1989) - Mechanical vibration balance quality requirements of rigid rotors
DIN 740 1&2 (1986) - Power Transmission Engineering Flexible Shaft Couplings Part 1 & 2
ISO 1940/1 - Balance quality of rotating rigid bodies
ISO DIS 10441 Draft - Flexible couplings for mechanical power transmission - special purpose applications
ISO DIS 14691 Draft - Flexible couplings for mechanical power transmission in general purpose applications

Boylan, W. Marine application of dental couplings. Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) (1966)
Calistrat, M. Design of Coupling Enclosures. Turbomachinery Symposium (1985)
Calistrat, M. Extended gear coupling life (part 1 & 2). Hydrocarbon Processing (1978)
Calistrat, M. Flexible Couplings, their Design Selection and Use. Caroline Publishing (1994)
Calistrat, M. Hydraulically Fitted Hubs, Theory and Practice. Turbomachinery Symposium (1980)
Carter-Garvey-Corcoran. Baffling and temperatures predictions of coupling enclosures. Turbomachinery Symposium (1994)
Corbo, Malanoski. Practical Design Against Torsional Vibration. Proceedings 25th Turbomachinery Symposium (1996)
Gibbons, C.B. Diaphragm couplings in Turbomachinery. Machinery Vibration Institute (1979)
Gibbons, Mancuso, Munyon. Tutorial on couplings. Turbomachinery Symposium (1989)
Goody, R.E. Some coupling Questions Answered (1996)
Jackson, Moore. Alignment is Plain Geometry. Turbomachinery Symposium (1996)
Jones, J.E. Torsional Vibration in Diesel Engine Drives. Draughtsman's and Allied Technicians' Association (1962)
Mancuso et al., Short Course on Couplings. Turbomachinery Symposium (1998-1999)
Mancuso, J. Couplings and Joints, Design, Selection and Application. Marcel Dekker Inc. (1986)
Mancuso, J. General Purpose vs. Special Purpose Couplings. Turbomachinery Symposium (1994)
Mancuso, J. Lets Try to Really Understand Coupling Balance. ASME (1996)
Mancuso, J. Manufacturers World of Coupling Potential Unbalance. Turbomachinery Symposium (1984)
Mancuso, J. Retrofitting Gear Couplings with Diaphragm Couplings. Hyrdocarbon Processing (1988)
Mancuso, Ziberman, Corcoran, D'Ercole. Flexible-element couplings; how safe is safe? Hydrocarbon Processing (1994)
Piotrowski, John. Understanding and Using Shaft-to-Shaft Alignment Measurement systems. Pumps and Systems (1999)
Piotrowski, John. Shaft Alignment Handbook (2nd Edition) Marcel Dekker (1995)
Rivin, E.I. Design and Application Criteria for Connecting Couplings Transactions of the ASME Journal of Mechanisms, Transmissions and Automation in Design (1986)
South-Mancuso. Mechanical Power Transmission Components. Marcel Dekker (1994)
Wolford, C. Retrofitting Turbomachinery with High Performance Flexible Dry Couplings. Turbomachinery Symposium (1990)
Wright, John. Transient Torsional Vibration in Synchronous Motor Drives. ASME paper 75-DE-15 (1975)
Hytrel(R), Viton(R), and Zytel(R) are all trademaarks of E.I. du Pont de Numours & Co.

Thanks to John Peters for his suggestions and assistance in editing the handbook.

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